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#ifndef __VMRAM__H
#define __VMRAM__H
#include <stdint.h>
/* Preallocated RAM class. */
class VMRam {
void init();
uint8_t readByte(uint32_t addr);
void writeByte(uint32_t addr, uint8_t value);
uint8_t *memPtr(uint32_t addr);
bool Serialize(int8_t fd);
bool Deserialize(int8_t fd);
bool Test();
// We need 599 pages of 256 bytes for the //e.
// This previously used a split memory model where some of this was
// in internal ram and some was external - and while that's not true
// right now, it may be true again in the future.
// If we go that way: zero-page should be in internal RAM (it's
// changed very often). Some other pages that are read or written
// often should probably go in here too. The order of the pages (in
// apple/applemmu.cpp) defines what order the pages are referenced
// in the VMRam object; the lowest should wind up in internal RAM.
// Pages 0-3 are ZP; we want those in RAM.
// Pages 4-7 are 0x200 - 0x3FF. We want those in RAM too (text pages).
// Has to be static if we're using the EXTMEM sectioning, so it's now in vmram.cpp :/
//EXTMEM uint8_t preallocatedRam[599*256];