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@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator [priority]
Dave Winfield's Batter Up [4am crack]
Earl Weaver Baseball
F-15 Strike Eagle
Fathom's 40
Fathom's 40 [4am crack]
Fore! [4am crack]
Golf Course (Main Street Publishing)
Golf's Best
@ -35,14 +35,14 @@ Hi-Res Computer Golf 2
Hi-Res Football
Hi-Res Soccer
Jet [priority]
Joe Thiesmann's Pro Football
Joe Thiesmann's Pro Football [4am crack]
John Elway's Quarterback
John Madden Football
Ken Uston's Professional Blackjack (latest version is 1.23?) [4am crack]
Maxi Golf
Micro Golf (from file, not ProDOS 2.0.3 remake)
Micro League Baseball
MicroChess 2.0 (Personal Software)
Micro League Baseball (1984 version, not 1980)
MicroChess 2.0 (Personal Software) [4am crack]
Olympic Decathlon
Pro Football (Systems Design Lab)
Pro Golf (Home-Computer Software)
@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ Sierra Championship Boxing [4am crack]
Silent Service
Sports Spectacular (Keypunch) [unprotected]
Star League Baseball
Star Rank Boxing
Sub Battle Simulator
Star Rank Boxing II [4am crack]
Sub Battle Simulator [4am crack]
Super Sunday [4am crack]
Superstar Indoor Sports
Techo-Sport Racing (K-Tek) [Tom Greene]