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# GMail Apple II Email Gateway
# Gmail Apple II Email Gateway
## Motivation
@ -7,9 +7,7 @@ To connect an Apple IIGS to Gmail, allowing messages to be sent and received.
I used Ewen Wannop (aka Speccie)'s SAM2 email client, running under GSOS 6.0.4.
This should also work with GSOS 6.0.1.
Speccie's website is here:
- [](
Speccie's website is [here](
In order to communicate on today's Internet Transport Layer Security (TLS)
is necessary. Retro machines such as the Apple II series lack the processor
@ -50,7 +48,7 @@ I use three separate packages on the Raspberry Pi, as follows:
### Incoming Messages
- Message is sent to Gmail
- Fetchmail runs as a service on the Pi and monitors GMail using IMAP
- Fetchmail runs as a service on the Pi and monitors Gmail using IMAP
IDLE. As soon as a message shows up in the INBOX it downloads it
and places it in `/var/mail/pi` (for username `pi`). Fetchmail leaves
the email on the Gmail server (this can be changed if desired.)
@ -81,6 +79,28 @@ sudo apt install fetchmail
## Obtaining App Passwords from Google
Google provides a mechanism to allow non-Google apps to connect to Gmail
called *App Passwords*.
Google's help page is [here](
In order to use the App Passwords method of authentication 2-Step Verification
must be turned on for the account. This is the general approach:
- In a web browser log in to the Gmail account and go to
[Google Account](
- In the panel on the left, choose *Security*.
- Enable *2-Step Verification* for the account.
- The option *App Passwords* will now appear. Select this option.
- At the bottom, choose *Select app* and enter a descriptive name for
the app.
- Choose *Select Device* and choose the device.
- Click *Generate*.
- A 16 character App Password will be shown on the screen. Write this value
down because you will need it later in the configuration.
I generated two separate App Passwords - one for SMTPS and one for IMAPS.
## Configuring the Packages
### Postfix