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# Apple II Terminal Info
These are terminfo entries for Apple II terminals:
* GS/OS Console
* GNO Console
* Apple II Extended 80 column card
* ProTerm Special Emulation
Plus a .bashrc file to make them more usable in Unix.
## Why?
Well, the main reason is that I wrote a terminal emulator that emulates
the previously mentioned terminals. As such, I needed terminfo entries
to be useful.
These are largely based on the GNO/ME /etc/termcap file but some errors
have been fixed.
## Installation
git clone
cd a2-terminfo
make install
(Will install to your ~/.terminfo directory)
## Errors
When in doubt, run `tput reset`
A lot of software ignores your terminfo and uses hard-coded vt100/ansi
escape sequences. `tmux` or `screen` can be used as a vt100 emulator.
Or use better software.
Most control codes have a meaning for Apple II terminals. Therfore displaying
control codes (such as `cat`ting binary files) is likely to have unanticipated
consequences. Refer to previous instructions on `tput reset`. One particular
example that deserves mentioning: `ESC` activates mouse-text in the GNO
console. `ESC` is also THE vt100 control code.
`less` (and `more`, when it's `less`) strips non-vt100 control codes. Use the
`-r` (raw) flag if you want them to pass through.