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Disk utilities, such as Quality
Software's BAG OF TRICKS, allow the
user to read and display the contents
of sectors. BAG OF TRICKS will also
allow you to modify the sector data
and rewrite it to the same or another
diskette. If you do not have BAG OF
TRICKS or another commercial disk
utility, you can use the ZAP program
in APPENDIX A of this book. The ZAP
program will read any track/sector on
an unprotected diskette into memory,
allowing the user to examine it or
modify the data and then, optionally,
rewrite it to a diskette. Using such
a program is very important when
learning about diskette formats and
when fixing clobbered data.
Also available from Quality Software
is an expanded version of these
utilities called BENEATH APPLE DOS'
BAG OF TRICKS. See the page facing
1-1 for more details.