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DOS33fsprogs -- v 0.9?
by Vince "deater" Weaver, vince _at_
A somewhat increasingly innacurately named git repository containing
most of my Apple II work.
Originally this just contained the dos33 tools found under ./utils/dos33*
but now has a lot of other things.
+ asm_routines
some common assembly language routines (many are out of date)
+ basic
Applesoft BASIC and appleiibot code
+ combo_disk
A script to generate a "combo" disk with lots of demos on it
+ compression
code compression tests
+ demos
all of my various demoscene demos
+ disk
disk access code, mostly from qkumba
+ docs
various text documents
+ ethernet
code for accessing the Uthernet II, including a webserver in
Applesoft BASIC
+ games
various games and demake games by me
+ graphics
where I develop/test out graphics code
+ joystick
where I develop/test out joystick code
+ linker_scripts
common linker scripts for ca65 assembler
+ music
mockingboard (ay-3-8910) demos/programs/routines
including the pt3_lib software
+ textmode
where I develop/test out textmode code
+ utils
various useful utilities for developing Apple II code under Linux
including graphics conversion routines and disk manipulation tools
+ vaporlock
where I develop/test out race-the-beam, mid-screen switching,
floating-bus and vaporlock code