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Other demos:
Monkey Island
Bad Apple II
Based on bishop's demo? bad apple on TV?
Static first (Audio/video)
Electric Duet music?
error checking
complain if not 140x160 or 140x192
Fix undelete, it doesn't re-allocate all the sectors.
+ Validate that apple filenames are valid in all cases
FUSE driver
+ How to map permissions to file types? LOCK=w
+ How to handle file sizes?
No special cases, just always multiples of 256?
Only truncate if in window?
Enforce in writing "b" type that the fields are correct.
Generic Linux writes are of type "S".
Figure out how to represent in Linux the file types?
defrag utility
test mkdosfs copy over DOS functionality
find out why dos33 SAVE puts extra linefeed at end of basic prog?
(turns out that's normal. it is ignored)