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2019-12-11 15:07:12 +00:00
# merlin-utils
utilities for the Merlin 8/16+ assembler
An OMF linker for Merlin 8/16+ REL files. Why? ummm....
`merlin-link [-D key=value] [-X] [-C] [-o outfile] files....`
* `-X`: inhibit expressload segment
* `-C`: inhibit super relocation records
* `-D`: define an absolute label. value can use `$`, `0x`, or `%` prefix.
2019-12-22 20:00:22 +00:00
* `-S`: treat input file as a linker command file
* `-o`: specify output file. default is `omf.out`
* `-v`: be verbose
If there is one input file and it ends with `.S` (case insensitive), it is treated as a linker command file.
### Linker Command File
The following opcodes are supported:
`END`,`DAT`, `PFX`, `TYP`, `ADR`, `ORG`, `KND`, `ALI`, `DS`, `LKV`, `VER`, `LNK`, `IMP`, `SAV`, `KBD`,
2020-06-06 16:11:44 +00:00
`POS`, `LEN`, `EQ`, `EQU`, `=`, `GEQ`, `EXT`, `DO`, `ELS`, `FIN`, `ENT`
2019-12-22 20:00:22 +00:00
* `VER`: only allows OMF version 2.
* `IMP`: (qasm) - import a binary file. Entry name is the file name with non alphanumerics converted to `_`
* `KBD`: won't prompt if label was previously defined (via `-D` for example)
No operand math is allowed at this time.
### Current Status
Usable, if you can find a use for it. Linking Marinetti (after assembling with Merlin 16+) generates an equivalent
OMF file. The file is not identical due to differences in relocation records but OMF Analyzer COMPARE considers them identical.
2019-12-11 15:07:12 +00:00
### Building
git submodule init
git submodule update
2020-06-06 16:11:44 +00:00
Requires a c++17 compiler. (ie, ubuntu bionic or OS X 10.13).