Joshua Bell 7bbc96924b Add SETUP.SYSTEM and build .SETUP files
This is an alternate approach proposed by Sean Nolan in 1987 which
allows placing the driver files in a subdirectory of the root volume
to avoid clutter and file ordering issues. Only a SETUP.SYSTEM file is
needed at the top level, and the drivers go into a SETUPS/ directory.

All drivers here (except QUIT.SYSTEM and SETUP.SYSTEM itself) have
alternate forms built into the /DRIVERS/SETUPS/ directory as XYZ.SETUP
instead of XYZ.SYSTEM. If you choose to use SETUP.SYSTEM, place these
.SETUP files in your SETUPS/ directory. The naming doesn't matter -
any SYS or BIN file can be used - but this convention makes
distribution easier. These .SETUP files do **NOT** chain to the next
file - that's handled by SETUP.SYSTEM itself.

Resolves #16
2024-01-30 21:16:32 -08:00

26 lines
599 B

targets := clocks selectors accelerators ram.drv setup util textcolors
.PHONY: all $(targets) package
all: $(targets)
export LOG_SUCCESS=1
export LOG_FAILURE=1
# Build all targets
@tput setaf 3 && echo "Building: $@" && tput sgr0
@$(MAKE) -C $@ \
&& (tput setaf 2 && echo "make $@ good" && tput sgr0) \
|| (tput blink && tput setaf 1 && echo "MAKE $@ BAD" && tput sgr0 && false)
# Clean all temporary/target files
@for dir in $(targets); do \
tput setaf 2 && echo "cleaning $$dir" && tput sgr0; \
$(MAKE) -C $$dir clean; \