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Merlin Compatible assembler/linker (and more) for linux
This project is FAR from I have just gotten it to compile all 256 65816 opcodes.
Update (11/19/2019) - All code generating opcodes/psuedo-ops complete.
The program will read/compile linux based Merlin syntax files (.s), as well as original Merlin
8/16/16+ files in Merlin format
(high bit set), compressed spaces, and only a <CR> to end lines. I plan on adding a mode that
will process and convert to linux style so files can be converted for easy editing under linux.
Merlin32 is great, but there are aspects of it that I don't like (always outputting assembly
status and creating .txt file listings, etc)
Along time ago, in the mid 1980's I wrote a Merlin compatible assembler and programming shell
(with the help of Lane Roathe) for the Apple //GS
Recently, Lane sent me the source code to that assembler. Unfortunately, because of some of the
features we added to the assembler, it will not compile under Merlin or Merlin32. (We actually used
qasm to build qasm).
This project will be a linux compatible version, that will compile/link the original source.
However, due to speed and everything 'linux' I doubt the original will be used much.
I also would like to interface with the CiderPress library to allow output from the assembler/linker
to write files directly to Prodos based .2MG (or other) images. That way, after a compile, the code
under test can be immediately run from a GS emulator.
This early version relies on the Poco Foundation libraries. You must have these installed.
Additionally, this repo relies on another repo here called 'libpal'. Both repositories must
be cloned at the same level.
libpal does not have to be built. The 'qasm' compile will build all of those source files.
'cmake' is used to build the Makefiles. There is a generic Makefile in the base directory that does
all of the 'cmake' stuff for you. (in a 'build' directory)
For example:
mkdir workdir
cd workdir
git clone git:// libpal
git clone git:// qasm
cd qasm
make clean
To test:
./qasm src/testfile.s
Some notes on compatibility:
ERR does not support the ($300)-$4C style of checking, because we are not running on Apple // hardware, so there is no need to check for a USR vector having been setup in this manner.