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@ -7,13 +7,16 @@ ROM eX is a **BETA** enhancement to the enhanced Apple //e firmware ROM.
- Upon Control+CA/Option+Reset, presents a menu allowing you to choose to enter the monitor or start the boot a specific slot.
- Menu displays the type of card found in the slot.
- Menu identifies Apple II workstation cards and correctly boots them by prompting to press open-apple to start the boot.
- Delete key works like the left arrow in programs that read input lines using the monitor ROM.
## Tradeoffs/Flavors
Unlike the Apple //c firmware, there is no free space in the //e firmware. Therefore sacrifices must be made. With that in mind, ROM eX comes in two flavors:
- Sacrificing the tape code ('no_tape').
- This version has a terse menu in order to fit in the available space.
- Sacrificing the diagnostic code ('no_diags').
- This version has a nicer menu that takes advantage of available space.
## Building