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; Code, graphics, wiring and music driver by T.M.R/Cosine
; Beeper code by Zapac
; Original music by Martin Galway
; Built around a simple, one channel music driver originally based on the
; code and frequncy tables from
; which was then updated to use Zapac's tidier reworking of that code.
; This source code is formatted for the ACME cross assembler from
; Select an output filename
!to "septic#060812",plain
; Standard A2 register declarations
!src "includes/registers.asm"
; Beeper sound labels
be_snd_freq = $03f0
be_snd_dur = $03f1
be_pattn_cnt = $03f2
; Demo labels
text_tmr = $03f3
text_bmp = $2000
; Yank in binary data
* = $2000
!binary "data/death.raw"
font_data !binary "data/charset.raw"
; Set origin point (must be the same as the last four bytes of !to)
* = $0812
; Code entry point
entry jsr be_track_reset
jsr reset
; Enable bitmapped graphics mode
lda #$00
sta txtclr
sta hires
; The main loop of the demo
main_loop jsr be_pattn_play
; Check to see if the pattern counter has gone up...
lda be_pattn_cnt
cmp text_tmr
beq main_loop
sta text_tmr
; ...and if so, update the message line
ldx #$00
mread lda scroll_text
bne okay
jsr reset
jmp mread
okay sta $0400,x
inc mread+$01
bne *+$05
inc mread+$02
cpx #$28
bne mread
; Write the new text to bitmap
ldx #$00
bmp_draw ldy $0400,x
lda font_data+$000,y
sta text_bmp+$0000,x
lda font_data+$040,y
sta text_bmp+$0400,x
lda font_data+$080,y
sta text_bmp+$0800,x
lda font_data+$0c0,y
sta text_bmp+$0c00,x
lda font_data+$100,y
sta text_bmp+$1000,x
lda font_data+$140,y
sta text_bmp+$1400,x
lda font_data+$180,y
sta text_bmp+$1800,x
lda font_data+$1c0,y
sta text_bmp+$1c00,x
lda font_data+$200,y
sta text_bmp+$0080,x
lda font_data+$240,y
sta text_bmp+$0480,x
lda font_data+$280,y
sta text_bmp+$0880,x
lda font_data+$2c0,y
sta text_bmp+$0c80,x
lda font_data+$300,y
sta text_bmp+$1080,x
lda font_data+$340,y
sta text_bmp+$1480,x
lda font_data+$380,y
sta text_bmp+$1880,x
lda font_data+$3c0,y
sta text_bmp+$1c80,x
cpx #$28
bne bmp_draw
jmp main_loop
; Reset the "scrolling" message
reset lda #<scroll_text
sta mread+$01
lda #>scroll_text
sta mread+$02
; Include the music driver and tune data
!src "includes/be_driver.asm"
!src "includes/be_mps.asm"
; The "scrolling" message text
scroll_text !scr " beep beep beepy beeeeep... "
!scr "welcome to -=- septic -=- from cosine!"
!scr " "
!scr "okay, this release isn't much to look at"
!scr "but playing even these simple notes will"
!scr "tie up the cpu! the source code can be"
!scr " examined over at github for anyone who "
!scr "fancies trying to improve on the driver."
!scr " "
!scr "code, driver and cosmetics ....... t.m.r"
!scr "tone playing routine ............. zapac"
!scr "one voice tune ........... martin galway"
!scr "nicked from microprose soccer on the c64"
!scr " "
!scr " cosine's a-z greetings meander towards "
!scr "abyss connection, arkanix labs, artstate"
!scr " ate bit, booze design, camelot, chorus "
!scr " chrome, cncd, cpu, crescent, crest "
!scr " covert bitops, defence force "
!scr "dekadence, desire, dac, dmagic, dualcrew"
!scr " exclusive on, fairlight, fire, focus "
!scr " french touch, funkscientist, "
!scr " genesis project, gheymaid inc., hitmen "
!scr " hokuto force, level64, m and m "
!scr " maniacs of noise, meanteam, metalvotze "
!scr " noname, nostalgia, nuance, offence "
!scr " onslaught, orb, oxyron, padua, plush "
!scr " psytronik, reptilia, resource "
!scr " rgcd, secure, shape, side b, slash "
!scr " slipstream, success and trc, style "
!scr " suicyco industries, taquart, tempest "
!scr " tek, triad, trsi, viruz, vision, wow "
!scr " wrath, xenon and anyone we forgot! "
!scr " "
!scr "don't forget to visit the cosine website"
!scr "for 8-bit delights"
!scr " "
!scr "-=- t.m.r signing off - 2015-12-15 -=-"
!scr " "
!byte $00 ; end of text