refactor target dependency chain

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4am 2021-11-12 18:19:43 -05:00
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commit 4d7a06984e

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@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ CADIUS=cadius
# version 3.1.0 or later
EXOMIZER=exomizer mem -q -P23 -lnone
dsk: asm index packedfiles
dsk: asm index
cp res/blank.hdv build/"$(DISK)"
cp res/_FileInformation.txt build/
$(CADIUS) ADDFILE build/"$(DISK)" "/$(VOLUME)/" build/LAUNCHER.SYSTEM >>build/log
@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ dsk: asm index packedfiles
bin/ build/"$(DISK)" build/proboothd
index: md asmfx asmprelaunch
index: md asmfx asmprelaunch compress
# note: even though individual lines check individual files, you really want
# to re-run this with a clean build/ directory if anything changes, because
# everything is interconnected within TOTAL.DATA
@ -208,19 +208,17 @@ asmprelaunch: md
asmproboot: md
$(ACME) -r build/proboothd.lst src/proboothd/proboothd.a
# |compress| and |attract| must be called separately because they are slow.
# They create files in the repository which can then be checked in.
compress: md
for f in res/ACTION.HGR.UNCOMPRESSED/*; do o=res/ACTION.HGR/$$(basename $$f); [ -f "$$o" ] || ${EXOMIZER} "$$f"@0x4000 -o "$$o" >>build/log; done
for f in res/ACTION.DHGR.UNCOMPRESSED/*; do o=res/ACTION.DHGR/$$(basename $$f); [ -f "$$o" ] || ${EXOMIZER} "$$f"@0x4000 -o "$$o" >>build/log; done
for f in res/ARTWORK.SHR.UNCOMPRESSED/*; do o=res/ARTWORK.SHR/$$(basename $$f); [ -f "$$o" ] || ${EXOMIZER} "$$f"@0x2000 -o "$$o" >>build/log; done
packedfiles: md
for f in res/TITLE.HGR.UNPACKED/*; do o=res/TITLE.HGR/$$(basename $$f); [ -f "$$o" ] || bin/ $$f $$o >>build/log; done
# |attract| must be called separately because it is slow and
# only needs to be run when a new game or demo is added.
# It create files in the repository which can then be checked in.
attract: compress