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#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#ifdef __APPLE_CC__
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <malloc.h>
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned ADDR;
typedef unsigned char UInt8;
typedef char Int8;
typedef unsigned short UInt16;
typedef short Int16;
typedef unsigned long UInt32;
typedef long Int32;
typedef unsigned long LocalID;
#ifdef __APPLE_CC__
#define BE_UINT8(b) ((UInt8)(b))
#define BE_UINT16(i) ((UInt16)(i))
#define BE_UINT32(i) ((UInt32)(i))
#define BE_INT8(b) ((Int8)(b))
#define BE_INT16(i) ((Int16)(i))
#define BE_INT32(i) ((Int32)(i))
#define BE_LOCALID(i) ((Int32)(i))
#define BE_UINT8(b) ((UInt8)(b))
#define BE_UINT16(i) ((((UInt16)(i)&0xFF00)>>8)|(((UInt16)(i)&0xFF)<<8))
#define BE_UINT32(i) (((((UInt32)(i))>>24))|((((UInt32)(i))>>8)&0x0000FF00)|((((UInt32)(i))<<8)&0x00FF0000)|(((UInt32)(i))<<24))
#define BE_INT8(b) ((UInt8)(b))
#define BE_INT16(i) ((((UInt16)(i)&0xFF00)>>8)|(((UInt16)(i)&0xFF)<<8))
#define BE_INT32(i) (((((UInt32)(i))>>24))|((((UInt32)(i))>>8)&0x0000FF00)|((((UInt32)(i))<<8)&0x00FF0000)|(((UInt32)(i))<<24))
#define BE_LOCALID(i) (((((UInt32)(i))>>24))|((((UInt32)(i))>>8)&0x0000FF00)|((((UInt32)(i))<<8)&0x00FF0000)|(((UInt32)(i))<<24))
#ifdef _WIN32
#define Apl2 'Apl2'
#define Apl2 BE_UINT32('Apl2')
typedef struct {
LocalID localChunkID;
UInt8 attributes;
UInt8 uniqueID[3];
} RecordEntryType;
typedef struct {
LocalID nextRecordListID;
UInt16 numRecords;
UInt16 firstEntry;
} RecordListType;
typedef struct {
UInt8 name[32];
UInt16 attributes;
UInt16 version;
UInt32 creationDate;
UInt32 modificationDate;
UInt32 lastBackupDate;
UInt32 modificationNumber;
LocalID appInfoID;
LocalID sortInfoID;
UInt32 type;
UInt32 creator;
UInt32 uniqueIDSeed;
RecordListType recordList;
} DatabaseHdrType;
int main(int argc, char **argv)
FILE *romimage, *pdb;
int rom_size, header_size, i, j;
char pdbfile[64], *p;
DatabaseHdrType pdb_header;
RecordEntryType pdb_record_entries[1];
int now;
if (argc >= 2)
if (!(romimage = fopen(argv[1], "rb")))
fprintf(stderr, "Unable to read ROM file %s.\n", argv[1]);
* Strip leading pathname from ROM name.
for (p = argv[1]; *p; p++)
if (*p == '/' || *p == '\\')
argv[1] = p + 1;
fseek(romimage, 0, SEEK_END);
rom_size = ftell(romimage);
strcpy(pdbfile, argv[1]);
strcat(pdbfile, ".pdb");
if (!(pdb = fopen(pdbfile, "wb")))
fprintf(stderr, "Unable to create PDB file %s.\n", pdbfile);
header_size = 78/*sizeof(DatabaseHdrType)*/ + 8/*sizeof(RecordEntryType)*/ + 2;
now = time(NULL);
memset(&pdb_header, 0, sizeof(DatabaseHdrType));
memset(&pdb_record_entries, 0, sizeof(RecordEntryType));
if (strlen(argv[1]) >= 31)
argv[1][31] = '\0';
strcpy(, argv[1]);
pdb_header.modificationDate = BE_UINT32(now);
pdb_header.creationDate = BE_UINT32(now);
pdb_header.type = Apl2;
pdb_header.creator = Apl2;
pdb_header.recordList.numRecords = BE_UINT16(1);
j = header_size;
pdb_record_entries[0].localChunkID = BE_LOCALID(j);
pdb_record_entries[0].attributes = 0x40;
pdb_record_entries[0].uniqueID[0] = 0;
fwrite(&pdb_header, 78/*sizeof(DatabaseHdrType)*/, 1, pdb);
fwrite(&pdb_record_entries, 8/*sizeof(RecordEntryType)*/, 1, pdb);
i = 0;
fwrite(&i, 2, 1, pdb); /* Filler */
unsigned char *rom = malloc(rom_size);
fseek(romimage, 0L, 0L);
fread(rom, rom_size, 1, romimage);
fwrite(rom, rom_size, 1, pdb);
//fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s <DSK file> <PDB file> [sectors/track (16)] [total tracks (35)]\n", argv[0]);
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s <ROM file> \n", argv[0]);
return (0);