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This is the internal list of items that need to be done.
--- FUTURE ---
o Create subdirectories as appropriate (ProDOS).
o Create reusable show dialog messages (they're scattered all over right now) to clean
up code a bit.
o Improve file preview for Integer BASIC files.
o Improve file preview for AppleWorks Word Processor files (make implementation
generic to a Word Processor, if possible).
o SWT image handlers do not appear to work correctly. BMP works - but color seems
off. GIF/PNG/JPEG give errors or a black image.
o Fix scrollbar for FileViewer! PgUp/PgDn doesn't seem to work.
o Change layout of DiskExplorer window to not be tabbed. Information could/should be
a popup window. File browsing and disk free space can be shown or hidden by toolbar
buttons (see Denis Molony's prototype for example). Can add file tracking at this
point. Possibly toggle sector/block editor?
o Add RDOS writing capability.
o Add CP/M writing capability.
o Add drag-and-drop capability.
o Add more information to About box including GPL, TODO, VERSIONS, etc.
o Change disk format.
o Sector/Block editor.
o Open zip files; be able to browse disk images from the zip file. This should be
a different type of window (Archive Window?) that allows disk images to be
opened into a Disk Window. (Saves would have to be to the file system.)
o Anytime a SHK or SDK file is opened, open into a new browser.
o Open SHK files? Similar operation to zip files.
o Open SDK files? Opens directly into a Disk Window.
o Make formatted images bootable. May need user to supply a "master" disk from
which files or data is copied.
o Can AppleCommander read a CF card with ProDOS volumes on it? This is an IDE device
connected either via USB or a card reader. Requires some level of OS integration...
some form of raw disk access. There is the possibility of finding a USB-level driver
or of reading raw data from a disk. Unix is most likely, unsure of Windows.
[iKarith: Yes, Windows can do it using a special "drive", CiderPress does it.]
o Evaluate and consider Sean Riley's appbundler fork as an alternative to jarbundler for
macOS: <>