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fe27c7d1e8 Version 1.0.10 - changes by Nick
- fixed disk stepping bug for Mabel's Mansion using my code from AppleWin
- patch loaded ROM's empty slots with faux-floating bus data so Mabel's Mansion works
- revert CPU status bug introduced in 1.0.9 - V and R used the same bit
- fixed BRK bug by adding extra PC increment
2015-08-10 00:11:49 +12:00
dc8f597c62 Version 1.0.9 - changes by Nick
- fixed disk speed-up bug (Sherwood Forest reads with the drive motor off)
- added check for 2IMG header ID
- fixed processor status bugs in BRK, PLP, RTI, NMI, IRQ
2015-08-01 20:09:35 +12:00
add3d41448 Version 1.0.8 - changes by Nick
- implemented disk writing (only in memory, not persisted)
- added support for .2MG (2IMG) disk images, including lock flag and volume number
- support meta tag for write protect in disk filename eg: NotWritable_Meta_DW0.dsk
2015-08-01 20:00:43 +12:00
af1cec23d3 Version 1.0.7 - changes by Nick
- fixed disk emulation bug (sense write protect entered write mode)
- now honour diskWritable parameter (but writing is not implemented)
- support meta tag for volume number in disk filename eg: Vol2_Meta_DV2.dsk
- added isPaddleEnabled parameter
- exposed setPaddleEnabled(boolean value), setPaddleInverted(boolean value)
- paddle values are now 255 at startup (ie. correct if disabled/not present)
- minor AppleSpeaker fix (SourceDataLine.class) thanks to William Halliburton
2015-08-01 19:49:51 +12:00
912d6c3dbc Version 1.0.6 - changes by Nick
- exposed F3/F4 disk swapping method: cycleDisk(int driveNumber)
- exposed reset() method
- exposed setSpeed(int value) method
2015-08-01 19:42:08 +12:00
d8b391a80c Version 1.0.5 - changes by Nick
- added support for .NIB (nibble) disk images  (also inside ZIP archives)
- added disk speedup hacks for DOS (expect ~2x faster reads)
2015-08-01 19:38:06 +12:00
c3ee6f8baa Version 1.0.4 - changes by Nick
- added support for .PO (ProDOS order) disk images (also inside ZIP archives)
- added Command key for Closed-Apple on Mac OS X
- added Home and End keys for Open-Apple and Closed-Apple on full keyboards
2015-08-01 19:29:04 +12:00
84c9d44b32 Version 1.0.3 - changes by Nick
- fixed paddle values for scaled display window
- added "digital" joystick support via numeric keypad arrows
- added Left-Alt and Right-Alt keys for Open-Apple and Closed-Apple
- changed reset key from Home to Ctrl-F12 and Ctrl-Pause/Break
2015-08-01 19:21:54 +12:00
2e59a5c31b Version 1.0.2 - changes by Nick
- improved sound sync by moving AppleSpeaker into the main thread
- added version (F1)
- added multiple disks & switching (F3, F4)
- added ZIP archive support
- fixed HTTP disk image access bug
2015-08-01 19:09:49 +12:00
7f130be8ec Marc's last version 1.0.1 2015-08-01 18:21:16 +12:00