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==== Preferences ====
* Let user pick the colors of color video. Or, NTSC vs. PAL.
* Checkbox for cassette tape audio output.
* Allow skipping lines in monochrome/color video (two separate checkboxes).
* Checkbox for Mockingboard (when implemented).
* Checkbox for disk drive sound effects (when implemented).
* "Start Apple IIs with power already on" checkbox.
* Sound volume control in application?
* Add "success" and "failure" feedback beeps, with ability to disable.
* Add more control over paddle buttons.
* Mouse-joystick mapping assumes only one screen, the main one.
Should instead range over the entire desktop.
==== the Apple II window ====
* Make dashboard into a drawer? A toolbar? Anyway, let user hide it.
* Optionally show annunciator lights in dashboard. Not on IIc though.
* Need per-window preferences?
* Are we capturing screens in the best and fastest way?
* Drag & Drop disk slots
* File filtering is slow when opening disk images.
* Add recording sound to files.
* Add recording QuickTime movies.
==== Miscellany ====
* Internationalize all displayed text.
* Add built-in help pages: HTML or PDF
* Support real joysticks, via HID & IOKit.
* Use third-party Cocoa kits? OmniGroup's?
* Rethink error handling and reporting! Use exceptions? Add Log window?
* Would Xcode build phases be useful?
* Use zlib 1.2.3? nulib?
* Add OSX icons for '.rom', '.hdv' files. Others?
* Rename the 'MyDocument' class to something more inspired. (This is a
relic of the original project stationery.)
* Save and restore states. (Open, Save, Revert, etc.)
* Quick save and restore?