Convert an unpacked Apple IIGS graphic file
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Converts a file with the Apple IIGS Graphic Format $C0/$0000 to a macOS NSImage object.
2018-09-17 08:51:42 +08:00
ConvertBitMap.playground Convert Apple IIGS graphics 2018-09-17 08:51:42 +08:00
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A simple Playground demonstration on how to

a) load an Apple IIGS graphic file with a file type and auxiliary type of $C0 and $0000,

b) extract data from the loaded file and use the information to instantiate a raw bitmap which can be used by macOS to create a CGImage object,

c) create an instance of NSImage from the CGImage object, and,

d) display the NSImage object in a Playground view.


Written in Swift 3.x later Xcode 8.x or later