Stephen Heumann ff538de39c Add basic infrastructure for an installable GS/OS driver.
Currently, this can install the DIBs from the driver, but no driver calls are implemented.
2018-08-06 20:22:33 -05:00

19 lines
369 B

#ifndef ASMGLUE_H
#define ASMGLUE_H
#include <types.h>
extern Word ForceLCBank1(void);
extern Word ForceLCBank2(void);
extern Word ForceRomIn(void);
extern void RestoreStateReg(Word);
void IncBusyFlag(void) inline(0, 0xE10064);
void DecBusyFlag(void) inline(0, 0xE10068);
#define OS_KIND (*(Byte*)0xE100BC)
#define KIND_P8 0x00
#define KIND_GSOS 0x01