Apple Emulator Frontend for MAME
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This folder should contain SDL2.framework and a mame64 executable. These will be included in the build.

  • SDL2
  • MAME (requires building from source)

Not tested, but perhaps you could also download a pre-built MAME and use install_name_tool to fix the rpath.

Alternatively, adjust the xcode project to not embed them.

Building MAME:

This will build a subset of MAME which only includes apple2 support.

git clone mame ...
cd mame
make SOURCES=src/mame/drivers/apple1.cpp,src/mame/drivers/apple2.cpp,src/mame/drivers/apple2e.cpp,src/mame/drivers/apple2gs.cpp,src/mame/drivers/apple3.cpp SDL_FRAMEWORK_PATH=`pwd`/..

you can use `$LDFLAGS` to set the rpath (`LDFLAGS="-rpath @executable_path/../Frameworks" make ...`) or set it after with the `install_name_tool` tool - ``install_name_tool -add_rpath @executable_path/../Frameworks mame64`