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CiderPress Linux Utilities

CiderPress is a Windows app, but the code for accessing NuFX (ShrinkIt) archives and disk images can be built as libraries on Linux and used from applications. A few samples are provided. Most are really just API demos, but they may come in handy.

You need to build NufxLib, the diskimg library, and then the samples.

Build Instructions

  1. Configure and build NufxLib library

     cd nufxlib
  2. build diskimg library

     cd ../diskimg
  3. build libhfs library

     cd libhfs
  4. build samples

     cd ../../linux

The build system could use some work.

Sample Programs

The current sample programs are:

getfile disk-image filename -- Extract a file from a disk image The file is written to stdout.

makedisk {dos|prodos|pascal} size image-filename.po file1 ... -- Create a new disk image, with the specified size and format, and copy the specified files onto it. The NON file type is used.

mdc file1 ... -- This is a Linux port of the MDC utility that ships with CiderPress. It recursively scans all files and directories specified, displaying the contents of any disk images it finds.

Bonus Programs

iconv infile outfile -- Convert an image from one format to another. This was used for testing.

packddd infile outfile -- The DDD code was originally developed under Linux. This code is here for historical reasons.

sstasm part1 part2 -- The SST re-assembly code was originally developed under Linux. The code is here for historical reasons.