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# Embedded data files for diskii
## List of files
- ProDOS_2_4_1.dsk
John Brooks' update to ProDOS, released September 2016.
[Announcement on Call-A.P.P.L.E](
- prodos-old-boot0.bin
The old ProDOS sector 0, used before the IIGS System 4.0 system disk.
- prodos-new-boot0.bin
The new ProDOS sector 0, used on and after the IIGS System 4.0
system disk. Understands sparse PRODOS.SYSTEM files.

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// This file contains the list of commands to run to re-generate
// generated files.
// Use go-bindata to embed static assets that we need.
//go:generate go-bindata -pkg data -prefix "data/" -o data/data.go data/disks data/boot
//go:generate goimports -w data/data.go
package main