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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
export ACME="$HOME/gh/acme/ACME_Lib"
$ACME_BIN -o writetest.o -r writetest.lst writetest.asm
# cp data/disks/dos33mst.dsk writetest.dsk
# diskii put -f writetest.dsk writetest writetest.o
# Also run mame? (set MAMEDIR and MAMEBIN to your local variant)
[[ -z "${MAMEDIR-}" ]] && MAMEDIR="/Users/zellyn/Library/Application Support/Ample"
[[ -z "${MAMEBIN-}" ]] && MAMEBIN="/Applications/Ample.app/Contents/MacOS/mame64"
# Write audit.o into an OpenEmulator config?
[[ -z "${TMPLS-}" ]] && TMPLS=~/gh/OpenEmulator-OSX/modules/libemulation/res/templates
DSK=$(realpath ./audit.dsk)
case "${1-none}" in
# mame64 apple2ee -skip_gameinfo -nosamples -window -resolution 1120x840 -flop1 /Users/zellyn/gh/a2audit/audit/audit.dsk
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2ee -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2e -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2p -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2 -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2ee -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo -debug)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2e -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo -debug)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2p -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo -debug)
(cd "$MAMEDIR"; "$MAMEBIN" apple2 -window -flop1 "$DSK" -skip_gameinfo -debug)
(head -c 24576 /dev/zero; cat audit.o; head -c 65536 /dev/zero) | head -c 65536 > $TMPLS/Apple\ II/Apple\ IIe-test.emulation/appleIIe.mainRam.bin
sed -e 's|<property name="pc" value="0x...."/>|<property name="pc" value="0x6000"/>|' $TMPLS/Apple\ II/Apple\ IIe.xml > $TMPLS/Apple\ II/Apple\ IIe-test.emulation/info.xml
echo Options: 2ee, 2e, 2p, 2, 2ee-d, 2e-d, 2p-d, 2-d
true # Signal success (since we had a bunch of conditionals that can return false status).