Apple II Disk Browser
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Apple II Disk Browser


There is a new release of DiskBrowser2 available.


  • Cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Disk formats
    • DOS
    • Prodos
    • Pascal
    • CPM
    • HDV
    • 2mg
    • shrinkIt, gzip, zip
    • hybrid disks
    • woz
    • Unidos
  • File Formats
    • Applesoft and Integer Basic
    • Pascal
    • 6502
    • Appleworks
    • Visicalc
    • Graphics files
  • Disk Internals
    • Wizardry
    • Infocom
  • Track / Sector / Block display
  • Comprehensive disk listing



  • Install the latest version of the JDK.
  • Download DiskBrowser.jar from the releases page.
  • Double-click the jar file, or enter 'java -jar DiskBrowser.jar' in the terminal.
  • Set your root folder (the top-level folder where you keep your disk images).

Example Screens

Disk listing

Select a disk from the Disk Tree tab to display the catalog and disk layout. Disk listing

Disk contents

Double-click a disk from the Disk Tree tab and a new tab appears. This tab contains a list of all the files on the disk. Click on a file and the Output panel will display the contents of that file. The disk sectors containing the file will also be highlighted in the Disk Layout panel. Disk catalog

Detailed sector display

Click on any sector in the Disk Layout panel and the Output panel will display the contents of that sector. If it is a recognised sector type, it will be formatted for easier reading. Sector details


Java runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.




Applesoft Formatting and Analysis

Applesoft programs are displayed in a modern, easily-readable format. A comprehensive cross-listing of variables, strings, calls and jumps is available. Easily find duplicate variable names. For the truly retro look, programs can be displayed in the original 40-column line wrap mode. Applesoft

Pascal code

Pascal Pascal




Wizardry scenarios 1 to 3 are reasonably complete, Wizardry IV and V are partially done. For a dedicated Wizardry application see WizardryApp. Wizardry Scenarios 4 and 5 come on multiple disks, and they need to be named so that the only difference between disk names is the identifier before the '.dsk' suffix. Wizardry


DiskBrowser has an inbuilt Visicalc processor which will evaluate the sheet and display the results. Visicalc

Complete Disk List

Generates a list of all the disks in your collection. The list can be sorted by any of the table headings. Checksums can be generated as needed, or for the whole collection. Disk List Select a disk and click the duplicates button to see all of the disks that share the same checksum. Duplicates