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@ -6,15 +6,19 @@ into those of a .po (ProDOS-order) file. Most Apple II emulators can handle bot
but certain utilities (with which I wanted to use existing .dsk images) assume
ProDOS-ordered files.
Usage is just (assuming you've done chmod 755, else precede with python command):
Usage is just (assuming you've done `chmod 755`, else precede with python command):
./ image.dsk
./ image.dsk
This will create image.dsk.po alongside it. Pretty much no checking is done.
It just goes through 35 tracks and converts them, then ends.
This can be used as an action for find, like so:
find imagefolders/\*/\*.dsk -exec ./ {} \;
find imagefolders/\*/\*.dsk -exec ./ {} \;
...which was mostly the point.
...which was mostly the point.
You can also go the opposite direction:
./ image.po