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package izapple2
import (
// Apple2 represents all the components and state of the emulated machine
type Apple2 struct {
Name string
cpu *iz6502.State
mmu *memoryManager
io *ioC0Page
cg *CharacterGenerator
cards [8]Card
tracers []executionTracer
softVideoSwitch *SoftVideoSwitch
board string
isApple2e bool
isFourColors bool // An Apple II without the 6 color mod
commandChannel chan command
cycleDurationNs float64 // Current speed. Inverse of the cpu clock in Ghz
fastRequestsCounter int32
cycleBreakpoint uint64
breakPoint bool
profile bool
showSpeed bool
paused bool
forceCaps bool
removableMediaDrives []drive
// GetCards returns the array of inserted cards
func (a *Apple2) GetCards() [8]Card {
return a.cards
// SetKeyboardProvider attaches an external keyboard provider
func (a *Apple2) SetKeyboardProvider(kb KeyboardProvider) {
// SetSpeakerProvider attaches an external keyboard provider
func (a *Apple2) SetSpeakerProvider(s SpeakerProvider) {
// SetJoysticksProvider attaches an external joysticks provider
func (a *Apple2) SetJoysticksProvider(j JoysticksProvider) {
// SetMouseProvider attaches an external joysticks provider
func (a *Apple2) SetMouseProvider(m MouseProvider) {
// IsPaused returns true when emulator is paused
func (a *Apple2) IsPaused() bool {
return a.paused
func (a *Apple2) GetCycles() uint64 {
return a.cpu.GetCycles()
// SetCycleBreakpoint sets a cycle number to pause the emulator. 0 to disable
func (a *Apple2) SetCycleBreakpoint(cycle uint64) {
a.cycleBreakpoint = cycle
a.breakPoint = false
func (a *Apple2) BreakPoint() bool {
return a.breakPoint
// IsProfiling returns true when profiling
func (a *Apple2) IsProfiling() bool {
return a.profile
// IsForceCaps returns true when all letters are forced to upper case
func (a *Apple2) IsForceCaps() bool {
return a.forceCaps
func (a *Apple2) RequestFastMode() {
// Note: if the fastMode is shorter than maxWaitDuration, there won't be any gain.
atomic.AddInt32(&a.fastRequestsCounter, 1)
func (a *Apple2) ReleaseFastMode() {
atomic.AddInt32(&a.fastRequestsCounter, -1)
func (a *Apple2) registerRemovableMediaDrive(d drive) {
a.removableMediaDrives = append(a.removableMediaDrives, d)