Optimize double stores to just use integer operations.

This is equivalent to an optimization already done for float.
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Stephen Heumann 2023-06-17 19:24:50 -05:00
parent 0021fd81bc
commit af3c8e1eea

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@ -565,6 +565,12 @@ var
false: (rval: real);
cnvdbl: record {for stuffing a double in a quad space}
case boolean of
true: (qval: longlong);
false: (rval: double);
begin {RealStoreOptimizations}
if opl^.opcode = pc_cnv then
if baseTypeEnum(opl^.q & $000F) = op^.optype then
@ -631,6 +637,19 @@ var
opl^.optype := cgLong;
op^.optype := cgLong;
end; {if}
end {if}
else if op^.optype = cgDouble then begin
if opl^.opcode = pc_ldc then begin
cnvdbl.rval := opl^.rval;
opl^.qval := cnvdbl.qval;
opl^.optype := cgQuad;
op^.optype := cgQuad;
end {if}
else if opl^.opcode in [pc_ind,pc_ldo,pc_lod] then
if opl^.optype = cgDouble then begin
opl^.optype := cgQuad;
op^.optype := cgQuad;
end; {if}
end; {if}
end; {RealStoreOptimizations}