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Stephen Heumann
91d33b586d Fix various C99+ conformance issues and bugs in test cases.
The main changes made to most tests are:

*Declarations always include explicit types, not relying on implicit int. The declaration of main in most test programs is changed to be "int main (void) {...}", adding an explicit return type and a prototype. (There are still some non-prototyped functions, though.)

*Functions are always declared before use, either by including a header or by providing a declaration for the specific function. The latter approach is usually used for printf, to avoid requiring ORCA/C to process stdio.h when compiling every test case (which might make test runs noticeably slower).

*Make all return statements in non-void functions (e.g. main) return a value.

*Avoid some instances of undefined behavior and type errors in printf and scanf calls.

Several miscellaneous bugs are also fixed.

There are still a couple test cases that intentionally rely on the C89 behavior, to ensure it still works.
2022-10-17 20:17:24 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
46b6aa389f Change all text/source files to LF line endings. 2017-10-21 18:40:19 -05:00
e72177985e ORCA/C 2.1.0 source from the Opus ][ CD 2017-10-01 17:47:47 -06:00