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This is an update package that can be used to update ORCA/C 2.1.0 or
2.2.0 to ORCA/C 2.2.1. You must have an existing copy of ORCA/C 2.1.0
or 2.2.0 in order to use this update. If you do not already have a
copy, you can get it as part of Opus ][: The Software, a collection of
Byte Works software which is sold by Juiced.GS:
This update must be applied to an existing ORCA installation containing
ORCA/C 2.1.0 or ORCA/C 2.2.0 (including the one provided on Opus ][:
The Software). To apply the update, you just need to copy the files
from this distribution into the corresponding locations in your ORCA
installation, replacing any older versions.
If you received this update as a SHK file, you can simply extract the
files from it directly on top of your ORCA installation.
If you received this update as a disk image, you can apply the update
by copying the files into place using the Finder, or by running the
following command within the root directory of your ORCA installation
using the text-based ORCA shell:
COPY -C :ORCAC.221:=
In addition to the ORCA shell environment, this update can also be
used under other environments that are compatible with ORCA/C, such as
GNO and Golden Gate. In these cases, the update files should be copied
into the directory containing files from a standard ORCA installation
(normally /lang/orca for GNO). An updated version of ORCALib suitable
for use under GNO is available as a separate download at: