Stephen Heumann 25085f5b81 Update script for setting filetypes.
It now covers all the files in the repository.
2023-08-06 17:50:26 -05:00

62 lines
3.8 KiB

filetype -p =.rez= src; change -p =.rez= rez
filetype -p =.pas src; change -p =.pas pascal
filetype CGI.Comments src; change CGI.Comments pascal
filetype CGI.Debug src; change -p CGI.Debug pascal
filetype Scanner.debug src; change -p Scanner.debug pascal
filetype Symbol.Print src; change Symbol.Print pascal
filetype -p =.asm src; change -p =.asm asm65816
filetype -p =.macros src; change -p =.macros asm65816
filetype -p make= src; change -p make= exec
filetype -p linkit= src; change -p linkit= linker
filetype smake src; change smake exec
filetype count src; change count exec
filetype backup src; change backup exec
filetype settypes src; change settypes exec
filetype cc.notes txt
filetype -p =.md txt
filetype LICENSE txt
filetype C.Read.Me txt
filetype C.Update.ReadMe txt
filetype Tech.Support txt
filetype Manual.docx $00
filetype obj:README.txt txt
filetype -p ORCACDefs:=.h src; change -p ORCACDefs:=.h cc
filetype -p C.Samples:Benchmarks:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:Benchmarks:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:CDA.Samples:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:CDA.Samples:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.rez src; change -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.rez rez
filetype -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.make src; change -p C.Samples:CDev.Samples:=.make exec
filetype -p C.Samples:Desktop.Samples:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:Desktop.Samples:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:Graphic.Samples:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:Graphic.Samples:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.rez src; change -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.rez rez
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.make src; change -p C.Samples:HyperCard:=.make exec
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.rez src; change -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.rez rez
filetype -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.make src; change -p C.Samples:HyperStudio:=.make exec
filetype -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.cc src; change -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.cc cc
filetype -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.h src; change -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.h cc
filetype C.Samples:Text.Samples:Key2.Funcs src; change C.Samples:Text.Samples:Key2.Funcs cc
filetype -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.asm src; change -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.asm asm65816
filetype -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.Build src; change -p C.Samples:Text.Samples:=.Build exec
filetype -p Tests:Conformance:=.c src; change -p Tests:Conformance:=.c cc
filetype -p Tests:Conformance:=.CC src; change -p Tests:Conformance:=.CC cc
filetype -p Tests:Conformance:DOIT= src; change -p Tests:Conformance:DOIT= exec
filetype -p Tests:Conformance:TEST= src; change -p Tests:Conformance:TEST= exec
filetype -p Tests:Deviance:=.CC src; change -p Tests:Deviance:=.CC cc
filetype Tests:Deviance:D3401.DATA src; change Tests:Deviance:D3401.DATA cc
filetype Tests:Deviance:DOIT src; change Tests:Deviance:DOIT exec
filetype Tests:Deviance:RUN.DEVIANCE src; change Tests:Deviance:RUN.DEVIANCE exec
filetype -p Tests:Deviance:TEST= src; change -p Tests:Deviance:TEST= exec
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.CC src; change -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.CC cc
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.H src; change -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.H cc
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Conform:SPC3402= src; change -p Tests:Spec.Conform:SPC3402= cc
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=FILE= src; change -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=FILE= cc
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.EXEC src; change -p Tests:Spec.Conform:=.EXEC exec
filetype -p Tests:Spec.Deviance:=.CC src; change -p Tests:Spec.Deviance:=.CC cc
filetype Tests:Spec.Deviance:DOIT src; change Tests:Spec.Deviance:DOIT exec
filetype Tests:Spec.Deviance:TEST src; change Tests:Spec.Deviance:TEST exec
* Install udl and uncomment this to also convert to CR line endings.
* udl -g =