Avoid excessively deep recursion in qsort.

It could have O(n) recursion depth for some inputs (e.g. if already sorted or reverse sorted), which could easily cause stack overflows.

Now, recursion is only used for the smaller of the two subarrays at each step, so the maximum recursion depth is bounded to log2(n).
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Stephen Heumann 2023-02-15 22:04:10 -06:00
parent 3417a98d10
commit 2540b28ca3
2 changed files with 30 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -767,10 +767,10 @@ right equ 5 right address
csubroutine (4:first,4:last),8
sr0 phb
sr0 lda last+2 if last <= first then quit
lda last+2 if last <= first then quit
cmp first+2
bne sr1
lda last
@ -825,15 +825,24 @@ sr5 blt sr2
ph4 <left swap left/last entries
ph4 <last
jsr swap
sub4 left,lsize,right sort left part of array
sub4 left,lsize,right calculate bounds of subarrays
add4 left,lsize (first..right and left..last)
add4 first,last,mid calculate midpoint of range being sorted
lsr mid+2
ror mid
cmpl right,mid if right < mid then
bge sr6
ph4 <right
ph4 <right sort left subarray recursively
ph4 <first
jsl rsort
add4 left,lsize,first sort right part of array
move4 left,first sort right subarray via tail call
brl sr0
sr6 plb else
ph4 <last sort right subarray recursively
ph4 <left
jsl rsort
move4 right,last sort left subarray via tail call
brl sr0
; swap - swap two entries
@ -909,6 +918,7 @@ sw6 pld
lsize entry
ds 4 local copy of size
banks ds 2 number of whole banks to swap
mid ds 4 midpoint of the elements being sorted

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@ -734,3 +734,15 @@
&l bne *+5
brl &bp
&l cmpl &n1,&n2
lclb &yistwo
&l ~setm
~lda.h &n1
~op.h cmp,&n2
bne ~a&SYSCNT
~lda &n1
~op cmp,&n2
~a&SYSCNT anop