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keep obj/locale
mcopy locale.macros
case on
* Locale - locale support
* This currently implements a minimalistic version of the
* <locale.h> functions, supporting only the "C" locale.
Locale private dummy routine
* char *setlocale(int category, const char *locale);
* Set or query current locale
* Inputs:
* category - locale category to set or query
* locale - locale name (or NULL for query)
* Outputs:
* returns locale string (for relevant category),
* or NULL if locale cannot be set as requested
setlocale start
LC_MAX equ 5 maximum valid LC_* value
csubroutine (2:category,4:locale),0
lda category if category is invalid
cmp #LC_MAX+1
bge err return NULL
lda locale if querying the current locale
ora locale+2
beq good return "C"
lda [locale]
cmp #'C' if locale is "C" or "", we are good
beq good
and #$00FF
bne err
good lda #C_str if successful, return "C"
sta locale
lda #^C_str
sta locale+2
bra ret
err stz locale otherwise, return NULL for error
stz locale+2
ret creturn 4:locale
C_str dc c'C',i1'0'
* struct lconv *localeconv(void);
* Get numeric formatting conventions
* Outputs:
* returns pointer to a struct lconv containing
* appropriate values for the current locale
localeconv start
CHAR_MAX equ 255
ldx #^C_locale_lconv
lda #C_locale_lconv
C_locale_lconv anop
decimal_point dc a4'period'
thousands_sep dc a4'emptystr'
grouping dc a4'emptystr'
mon_decimal_point dc a4'emptystr'
mon_thousands_sep dc a4'emptystr'
mon_grouping dc a4'emptystr'
positive_sign dc a4'emptystr'
negative_sign dc a4'emptystr'
currency_symbol dc a4'emptystr'
frac_digits dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
p_cs_precedes dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
n_cs_precedes dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
p_sep_by_space dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
n_sep_by_space dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
p_sign_posn dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
n_sign_posn dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_curr_symbol dc a4'emptystr'
int_frac_digits dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_p_cs_precedes dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_n_cs_precedes dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_p_sep_by_space dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_n_sep_by_space dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_p_sign_posn dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
int_n_sign_posn dc i1'CHAR_MAX'
period dc c'.',i1'0'
emptystr dc i1'0'