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mcopy rawdec.macros
gen on
case on
* Pointer to direct page space for use by these routines
dpPtr data
ds 4
* DP locations
destOfst gequ 0 offset into destBuf to start at
endOfst gequ 2 offset into destBuf to end before
loop1End gequ 4 offset into destBuf to end loop 1
oldDB gequ 6 data bank on entry
oldDP gequ 8 direct page on entry
* Generates 640-mode SHR pixels [destBuf+startOffset, destBuf+endOffset)
* from raw pixels starting at lineDataPtr. Returns next lineDataPtr value.
* First loop is unrolled to minimize index calculation overhead,
* and runs until less that 8 iterations (output bytes) remain.
* Second loop generates the remaining bytes.
* unsigned char * rawDecode640(unsigned startOffset, unsigned endOffset,
* unsigned char *lineDataPtr);
rawDecode640 start rawDec640
rawdec 640,8
* Same for 320-mode
rawDecode320 start rawDec320
rawdec 320,8