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typedef union Origin {
unsigned long l;
Point pt;
} Origin;
extern unsigned int fbHeight;
extern unsigned int fbWidth;
extern BOOLEAN displayInProgress;
extern unsigned int rectX;
extern unsigned int rectY;
extern unsigned int rectWidth;
extern unsigned int rectHeight;
#define encodingRaw 0
#define encodingCopyRect 1
#define encodingRRE 2
#define encodingCoRRE 4
#define encodingHextile 5
#define encodingZlib 6
#define encodingTight 7
#define encodingZlibhex 8
#define encodingTRLE 15
#define encodingZRLE 16
#define encodingCursor 0xffffff11
#define encodingDesktopSize 0xffffff21
#define nonEncodingClipboard 3 /* should be different from any encoding */
#define WIN_WIDTH_320 302
#define WIN_WIDTH_640 613
#define WIN_HEIGHT 174
extern GrafPortPtr vncWindow;
/* VNC session window dimensions */
extern unsigned int winHeight;
extern unsigned int winWidth;
/* On the next 2 structs, only certain values are permanently zero.
* Others are changed later.
extern struct LocInfo srcLocInfo;
/* Used by multiple encodings */
extern Rect srcRect;
extern unsigned char *pixTransTbl;
extern BOOLEAN checkBounds; /* Adjust drawing to stay in bounds */
extern unsigned long skipBytes;
void InitVNCWindow (void);
void SendFBUpdateRequest (BOOLEAN /*incremental*/, unsigned int /*x*/,
unsigned int /*y*/, unsigned int /*width*/, unsigned int /*height*/);
void ConnectedEventLoop (void);
void NextRect (void);