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This is the documentation for GNO/ME (the GNO Multitasking Environment),
a UNIX-like environment for the Apple IIgs. See <>.
This documentation, which uses modern documentation frameworks, is not
built on an Apple IIgs due to the non-availability of those frameworks
on the IIgs, and the related computational power and memory requirements
for running those frameworks.
The canonical location for the sources you see here is the master git
repository at <>.
If you are looking for man page sources, they are kept in the main
GNO/ME repository at <>.
README - This file. - Detailed build instructions.
etc - These are configuration files for the document build.
See for details.
*.html - Top level web pages
man - Man Pages; the files in this directory are used
for generating an HTML version of the manual pages
that are installed under GNO proper.
refs/intro - Introduction and Installation Manual
refs/kernel - GNO Kernel Reference Manual
refs/gsh - GNO Shell Reference Manual
refs.aug96 - Legacy GNO v2.0.4 reference manuals.
Questions or concerns should be discussed on the gno-devel mailing
list at <>.
Devin Reade