can use ram disk for gno.boot

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% GNO Overview
% $Id: intro.tex,v 1.16 2012/08/25 07:22:00 gdr Exp $
% $Id: intro.tex,v 1.17 2012/08/25 21:53:25 gdr Exp $
@ -1120,10 +1120,9 @@ partition for \bf gno.boot\rm, this is likely a waste of hard drive space
since \bf gno.boot\rm will only be used while installing GNO, not while
running it.
It should also be possible to use a RAM disk for \bf gno.boot\rm, but
this has not been verified. If you have successfully installed from a
RAM disk, please let Devin Reade know, along with any observations
you may have.
People have also reported that they were able to use a RAM disk for
\bf gno.boot\rm without problems (thanks to Kirk Mitchell for first
reporting this).
You should now do the following steps: