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- generalized the release target so that it can also be used
	  for chapter 8 programs.  This is done by defining the CHAPTER
	  macro to be 8.
	- if HAS_MKLINK_DATA or HAS_MKSO_DATA macros are set, then the
	  appropriate data files are copied when the 'release' target
	  is made.
1998-04-22 05:07:20 +00:00
- with the modified, we don't need the .SOURCE
	- change the definition of OBJS somewhat so that they are
	  always fully pathed in the $(OBJ_DIR) directory
	- for utils with both BSD and GNO man pages, make sure we
	  install the GNO one
	- conditionally define MAINSRC so that we can override it
	  if necessary.  By default MAINSRC is $(MAIN).c
	- don't assume MAINSRC is $(MAIN).c
	- don't assume the compiled rez fork is in the current directory
	- add default target for creating object files in the $(OBJ_DIR)
	- don't relink the executable if it just needs a new resource fork
	- changed targets to allow for the BSD/GNO man page duality
	- assume the built program is in the $(OBJ_DIR)
	- eliminate describe actions from the 'install' target
	- don't include if CUSTOM_RULES is defined and
1998-02-15 19:44:03 +00:00
63235a6c30 extract release target out to a different file 1997-10-30 04:26:58 +00:00