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0df1477cf9 Before moving to git, checked in a bunch of apparent work-in-progress
files that have been sitting idle for a few years.  Unfortunately
I can't gaurantee at the moment that these even compile let alone build.
Caveat Emptor
2012-08-26 02:55:00 +00:00
829bd4787a Added support for testing different flags and multiple strings. 1999-11-22 05:45:57 +00:00
bd69a0e25b Newer upstream FreeBSD version (supports FNM_CASEFOLD and FNM_LEADING_DIR).
Fix for PR#136.
1999-11-22 05:41:12 +00:00
accedc8b02 Makefile:
added swab.c to build list
1999-09-01 01:02:13 +00:00
8cdc379e42 swab.c:
initial checkin
1999-09-01 00:58:23 +00:00
efe58b60ff fixed some email addrs 1999-07-03 14:46:37 +00:00
f50f8a7dde moved the definitions of CATREZ, INSTALL, and TMPDIR to <gno/>
since so many components depend on them
1999-03-19 05:53:33 +00:00
e776384122 Makefile:
Added rules to handle the source-on-case-sensitive-
	appleshare-server problem.
1999-02-08 06:20:56 +00:00
765f0298d7 writev.c:
Changed return type of writev from size_t to ssize_t.
1999-02-08 06:18:59 +00:00
273780523c Makefile:
eliminate oldlog.c from the build.  old_syslog() was only used by
	syslog2.asm, and inspection showed it to be likely buggy anyway.
	It was missing a field in the passed data structure, and using
	it would cause any long-running daemon to run out of memory if
	didn't crash first.  For now I'm leaving oldlog.c where it is
	rather than doing a 'cvs rm'.

	Major changes...
	- The facility/priority has gone back to being of type int vice long;
	  the original change was a red herring.
	- The current syslog implementation will now talk to Phil's original
	- The busy wait in sendPort now forces a context switch.

	- I commented the sources while figuring out what Phil's syslogd
	  was doing.  I may was well check in those comments even though
	  this file is not currently used.
	- fixed the save name and the 'mcopy' directive

vis.c, unvis.c:
	- initial checkin
1999-01-04 05:10:36 +00:00
6b44130571 ports.c:
initial checkin for test re PR#102
1998-12-31 22:45:35 +00:00
Added an implicit rule for making rez targets where the sources
	reside on an Appleshare server.  See PR#98.
1998-12-22 16:11:42 +00:00
2604b42f9a Due to PR#98, change it so that the builddate.rez file is always taken
out of 13/RInclude instead of /src/gno/  This implies that
builddate.rez has to have been previously installed in 13/RInclude; this
is done by the 'install' and 'release' targets in /src/gno/
1998-12-22 16:08:54 +00:00
2a358f71bc updated the ChangeLog for libc 1998-10-31 20:24:16 +00:00
b84b251619 added test for syslogmt(3), vsyslogmt(3) 1998-10-31 17:25:04 +00:00
6eebdb8e3a Makefile, vsprintmt.c:
- Added the sprintmt and vsprintmt routines.  These are thread
	  safe variants of the sprintf and vsprintf routines.  Note that
	  they don't support as many formatting options as stdio does.

	- Define the global variable "__progname".  This is initially
	  set to "(unknown)", but is properly initialized to the return
	  value of __prognameGS() the first time that function is called.
1998-10-31 17:22:05 +00:00
fd73dca790 syslog.c:
- added thread safe functions syslogmt and vsyslogmt.
	- minor changes to sendPort to make it thread safe
	- moved variadic wrappers to the end of the file so that the
	  command line optimize/debug levels get propogated through
	  the rest of the source during compilation.
	- changed the mechanism by which sendPort waits for it's buffer
	  to be released by syslogd
	- since ctime(3) is not thread safe, add a flag to the
	  SyslogDataBuffer_t that tells syslogd(8) to add the appropriate
	  time stamp.  This is easier than implementing thread safe
	  versions of ctime and localtime.
1998-10-31 17:17:24 +00:00
afc1676d9f syscall.c:
- added readv (untested) and writev (tested)
1998-06-24 04:22:38 +00:00
b7010abc60 This is a re-implementation of the syslog(3) and related functions. 1998-06-24 04:20:02 +00:00
750cc1d6da trap.asm:
fixed a comment regarding exec(2)
1998-05-30 15:36:15 +00:00
d6d81225de copyfile.c:
The last fix wasn't quite correct in that (for copying only data
	forks) the rez fork was still created but with zero length.
	This fix doesn't create the rez fork at all under those
1998-04-10 21:36:08 +00:00
e8879227c8 basename.c:
If the argument provided to dirname(3) doesn't have a
	directory component, return "." instead of "".
1998-04-10 21:33:20 +00:00
50a2dce1b5 initial checkin for strftime(3) test program 1998-04-10 21:25:07 +00:00
92ee492794 added the _reportStack(3) routine 1998-03-28 16:46:59 +00:00
04ed2e0e19 cvt.c:
Fix for PR#56 -- there is a kludge to modify the exponent for
	a converted value of zero, due to the way that SANE special-
	cases it.  This kludge was applied for all values that had a
	zero exponent; now do it only for the value zero.
1998-03-28 16:42:32 +00:00
62215a070f ChangeLog:
summarized all changes from 22 Dec 97 to the present
1998-03-25 06:06:34 +00:00
23b1d7acd2 Makefile:
corrected location of assert.o file
1998-03-25 06:05:46 +00:00
774f9b72ff copyfile.c:
When copying files, don't make it an extended file unless
	the original has a resource fork.
1998-03-25 04:04:20 +00:00
8c9a14c01e cvt.c:
The ecvt(), fcvt(), and __dtoa() routines were generally
	rewritten to address the problem of printing floating point
	numbers (they sometimes came out wrong, especially representations
	of zero).

	__dtoa was written from the description in the BSD sources (note
	that the comment of it being "like ecvt/fcvt other than truncating
	trailing zeros") is not quite accurate where it comes to the rve
	pointer or the printing of zero values.  __dtoa is still expected
	to be wrong for any modes other than 2 and 3, however those modes
	are not used by anything in libc yet.  Fix them when they pop up.

	BSD has not ecvt/fcvt routines, so these have been written based
	on the man page and observed behavior of the Linux implementation.
	There is no gcvt yet.
1998-03-24 16:20:30 +00:00
e9cd1d1fb9 Makefile:
getlogin.c was missing from the list of sources, and therefore
	getlogin(3), _getlogin(3), and setlogin(3) were missing from
	the build.
1998-03-24 16:10:35 +00:00
cadd7ef99a libcrypt.rez:
- added rVersion
	- specify sources vice objects so that the new *.mk macros
	  work correctly.
1998-03-11 04:23:34 +00:00
ace3b43bec Makefile:
- deleted a bunch of commented-out lines that had been left
	  in by mistake
1998-03-08 18:16:03 +00:00
03cff8f7cc Makefile:
- updated for use with the new *.mk files
	- added build date
	- added cvs ident string back in
1998-03-08 18:14:55 +00:00
8b1eeb2e86 Makefile:
- the rez fork rules is now in one of the *.mk files; don't
	  include it here
	- make sure the contrib.h header gets installed
	- added the build date
1998-03-08 18:11:50 +00:00
Added $(LOCAL_SETUP) to the list of build targets, before
	$(LIBTARGET).  LOCAL_SETUP should be set in the lower makefiles
	if there is a target which must be made prior to the main
1998-03-08 18:09:03 +00:00
7027be9e4b vfscanf.c:
- Fixed a problem reported by Derek where stack trashing
	  was happening once an EOF was reached.  This was actually
	  only one example of a class of problems; any time __svfscanf
	  returned before filling all the requested arguments, va_arg
	  was left uncalled for some set of arguments.  This has been
	  fixed by adding a "stack cleanup" section to the code where
	  va_arg is called once for each remaining argument.
	- The __svfscanf routine still had large arrays on the stack.
	  These have been changed to static storage class.  There is
	  currently an assert in place to assure that recursion isn't
	  happening since I didn't have the chance yet to verify in
	  detail the control flow here.  This assert (and the related
	  use of the "recursing" variable) can be removed after such
	  a verification.
1998-03-04 06:20:03 +00:00
3d887aa334 Makefile:
- in the install and release targets, ensure that the installed
	  header file is of type SRC/CC, otherwise subsequent compilations
	  may fail.
1998-02-19 01:12:36 +00:00
79cc150685 Makefile:
- specify files via SRCS vice OBJS.  This eliminates an extraneous
	  ".o" in the final OBJS value.
	- don't attempt to attach a rez fork (leave it for the upper
	  level makefile)
1998-02-19 01:07:56 +00:00
7e3c77c4a2 Makefile, stack.asm:
- move generated macro file to /obj hierarchy
	- fix location of (non-generated) macro sources
	- specify files via SRCS vice OBJS.  This eliminates an extraneous
	  ".o" in the final OBJS value.
	- don't attempt to attach a rez fork (leave it for the upper
	  level makefile)
1998-02-19 01:05:17 +00:00
3c8936e8bc Makefile:
- eliminate double concatenation of resource fork
	- specify files via SRCS vice OBJS
	- obtain the assert object file from where it is built in
	  the ORCA hierarchy
	- add build date to displayed data
1998-02-19 01:00:36 +00:00
29f6c45c73 Makefile:
- backed out v1.3 changes
1998-02-17 00:35:18 +00:00
- backed out v1.4 changes
	- replace .asm (as well as .c) suffixes with .o for OBJS definition
	- added a recipe for building ProDOS renamed object files
1998-02-17 00:33:08 +00:00
b3a92e5811 - initial checkin of Steve's uname(3) implementation 1998-02-16 22:44:03 +00:00
7eb6be5172 Makefile:
- modifications to allow the object files to be in the /obj
	- rename the object files during the build such that they can
	  reside on a ProDOS partition.  An unfortunate consequence of
	  this is the requirement in this file for explicit recipes for
	  any of the renamed object files.

	- add an rVersion for the final library
1998-02-15 19:27:20 +00:00
- fix definition of OBJS such that they can be placed in the /obj
	  hierarchy.  Also added some more default targets for the same
	- added in a rule to append an rVersion resource to the library,
	  unless the NO_REZ macro is set in the makefile
1998-02-15 19:18:20 +00:00
2188b17ab9 Makefile:
- extract appending of the rez fork into a higher level *.mk file
	- add in the build date automatically
1998-02-15 19:14:25 +00:00
6bd94b0884 Added support for separate object hierarchy and cleaned up libc makefiles 1998-02-09 08:45:21 +00:00
ed01d173df Move crypt support files from libc into libcrypt 1998-02-09 08:25:43 +00:00
6bfb3527a9 - Makefiles now have common 'release' and 'install' targets
- most Makefiles now use gno/lib/ (not all of libc has been
  done yet)
1998-02-08 03:47:40 +00:00
c8e574bab7 crypt.c, crypta.asm:
- missed some renames of symbols when the namespace pollution
	  problem was addressed.  Hopefully this fixes the unresolved
	  symbols.  Untested.
1998-02-08 03:20:25 +00:00