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0df1477cf9 Before moving to git, checked in a bunch of apparent work-in-progress
files that have been sitting idle for a few years.  Unfortunately
I can't gaurantee at the moment that these even compile let alone build.
Caveat Emptor
2012-08-26 02:55:00 +00:00
bdeb2998e1 Makefile:
- set debug, optimization level, and stack size appropriately
	  for the released version
1999-02-15 20:11:25 +00:00
330e74b7e9 Makefile,,, newuser.desc, newuser.rez:
- initial checkin
	- updated installation notes
installit, newuserv.c:
	- deleted (obsolete)
	- renamed to newuser.8
newuser.c, newuser.8:
	- account home directories are now made in /home rather than /user
	- made all the routines internal to this file to be class 'static'
	- fit sources into GNO base distribution builds
	- added checks for parsing NEWID_FILE
	- added various conchecks to prevent buffer overflow and similar
	- ensure the password is at least MIN_PASSWD_LEN characters long
	- don't set the terminal type; that is the responsibility of
	- instead of creating explicit files in the user's home directory,
	  copy every file that is in the SKELETONS directory.
	- account creation is now logged via syslogd
	- added -g flag for selecting non-default group ids
	- check to ensure that the new uid returned by get_next_uid is
	  not already in use; if it is, then log a warning via syslog,
	  skip it, and get another uid
1999-02-15 00:22:11 +00:00
68d2224e5b newuser.c:
reformatted source; no substantive changes
1999-02-14 00:05:23 +00:00
d073b63fc1 updated "FTP:" field in describe entry to fix site names; use current
names for trenco, ground, and caltech
1999-01-07 08:20:19 +00:00
2604b42f9a Due to PR#98, change it so that the builddate.rez file is always taken
out of 13/RInclude instead of /src/gno/  This implies that
builddate.rez has to have been previously installed in 13/RInclude; this
is done by the 'install' and 'release' targets in /src/gno/
1998-12-22 16:08:54 +00:00
0fa42147e3 Initial checkin of syslogd v2 for GNO. This was a complete rewrite
from both Phil Vandry's v1 syslogd (which is part of init), and the
BSD version.  It still needs some work, but it can log to a file
or to console at the moment.

Until syslogd v1 is removed from init, you should ensure that you're
not logging to the same file from both versions of syslogd.
1998-10-31 19:02:47 +00:00
2f6263d18a Install /etc/gettytab from this directory instead of taking it from
the gno/verbatim hierarchy.  In this directory, the file is called
"gtab" so that we don't confuse dmake.
1998-04-22 05:29:03 +00:00
7d184b3391 Various changes to get getty compiling under GNO v2.0.6. In general
they are:
	- changed the makefile
	- prototyped functions
	- eliminated pathnames.h since all it does is #include <paths.h>
	- used gettytab.h for various function declarations
	- verified stack usage at 712 bytes
	- eliminated dummy gethostname() function.  Instead, get it
	  from libc.  This exposes a problem with gethostname.
	  See PR#59 for details.
	- eliminated a dependancy on strftime for the moment by
	  calling ctime() instead.
	- Added GNO-formatted versions of the man pages.
1998-04-10 16:18:06 +00:00
451e159fb7 Initial checkin. These sources match those used to build the version
of the util shipped with GNO v2.0.4.
1998-03-09 15:50:56 +00:00
951ec8e48d Initial commit of inetd daemon 1998-01-24 08:35:51 +00:00
3f66072e30 initial checkin 1997-10-04 05:24:01 +00:00