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touch - update modification date of existing file or create new file.
touch file1 [file2 ...]
touch checks each file in the argument list and processes each as follows:
o If the file exists, touch sets the modification time and date to
the current time/date. It also sets the backup-needed flag.
o If the file does not exist, it creates an empty text file of that
name. The file is unlocked, with the backup-needed flag set.
Wildcard expansion is not supported outside of GNO/ME, which does its own.
Invalid filenames cause touch to exit with return code -1, printing the
offending filename before exitting.
The ORCA editor does not seem to like files with length 0. It appears to
attempt to re-create the file, which already exists and is open. Use vi or
echo " " > filename. Otherwise, the file may be manipulated normally.
This program is Copyright 1993 by Leslie M. Barstow III.
It may be distributed freely, provided this manpage accompanies it.
touch uses routines from the ORCA libraries, Copyright by ByteWorks, Inc.