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* Copyright (C) 1990 by NeXT, Inc., All Rights Reserved
* Network Interface API
* 09-Apr-90 Bradley Taylor (btaylor) at NeXT, Inc.
* Created. Some parts originally part of <net/if.h>.
#ifndef _NETIF_
#define _NETIF_
#ifndef _NETBUF_
#include <net/netbuf.h>
* BEGIN: BSD copyrighted material
* Copyright (c) 1982, 1986 Regents of the University of California.
* All rights reserved. The Berkeley software License Agreement
* specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.
#define IFF_UP 0x1 /* interface is up */
#define IFF_BROADCAST 0x2 /* broadcast address valid */
#define IFF_DEBUG 0x4 /* turn on debugging */
#define IFF_LOOPBACK 0x8 /* is a loopback net */
#define IFF_POINTTOPOINT 0x10 /* interface is point-to-point link */
#define IFF_POINTOPOINT 0x10 /* interface is point-to-point link */
#define IFF_NOTRAILERS 0x20 /* avoid use of trailers */
#define IFF_RUNNING 0x40 /* resources allocated */
#define IFF_NOARP 0x80 /* no address resolution protocol */
/* next two not supported now, but reserved: */
#define IFF_PROMISC 0x100 /* receive all packets */
#define IFF_ALLMULTI 0x200 /* receive all multicast packets */
#define IFF_D1 0x400 /* For CSLIP */
#define IFF_D2 0x800 /* For CSLIP */
#define IFF_D3 0x1000 /* For CSLIP */
#define IFF_COMPAC IFF_D1 /* For PPP */
#define IFF_COMPPROT 0x2000 /* For PPP */
* END: BSD copyrighted material
#define IFF_AUTOCONF 0x4000 /* Network is autoconfiguring */
#define IFF_AUTODONE 0x8000 /* Network has autoconfigured */
typedef enum netif_class {
} netif_class_t;
#ifdef KERNEL
extern const char IFCONTROL_SETFLAGS[];
extern const char IFCONTROL_SETADDR[];
extern const char IFCONTROL_GETADDR[];
extern const char IFCONTROL_AUTOADDR[];
extern const char IFCONTROL_UNIXIOCTL[];
typedef struct if_ioctl {
unsigned ioctl_command;
void *ioctl_data;
} if_ioctl_t;
typedef struct { char opaque[1]; } *netif_t;
typedef int (*if_input_func_t)(netif_t netif, netif_t realnetif,
netbuf_t nb, void *extra);
typedef int (*if_init_func_t)(netif_t netif);
typedef int (*if_output_func_t)(netif_t netif, netbuf_t nb, void *address);
typedef netbuf_t (*if_getbuf_func_t)(netif_t netif);
typedef int (*if_control_func_t)(netif_t netif, const char *command,
void *data);
typedef void (*if_attach_func_t)(void *private, netif_t realif);
extern int if_output(netif_t netif, netbuf_t packet, void *addr);
extern int if_init(netif_t netif);
extern int if_control(netif_t netif, const char *command, void *data);
extern int if_ioctl(netif_t netif, unsigned command, void *data);
extern netbuf_t if_getbuf(netif_t netif);
extern int if_handle_input(netif_t netif, netbuf_t nb, void *extra);
extern netif_t if_attach(if_init_func_t init_func,
if_input_func_t input_func,
if_output_func_t output_func,
if_getbuf_func_t getbuf_func,
if_control_func_t control_func,
const char *name,
unsigned unit,
const char *type,
unsigned mtu,
unsigned flags,
netif_class_t class,
void *private);
extern void if_registervirtual(if_attach_func_t attach_func, void *private);
extern void if_detach(netif_t);
extern netif_t iflist_first(void);
extern netif_t iflist_next(netif_t);
* Readable attributes
extern const char *if_type(netif_t netif);
extern const char *if_name(netif_t netif);
extern unsigned if_unit(netif_t netif);
extern unsigned if_mtu(netif_t netif);
extern netif_class_t if_class(netif_t netif);
extern void *if_private(netif_t netif);
* Writable attributes
extern unsigned if_flags(netif_t netif);
extern void if_flags_set(netif_t netif, unsigned flags);
extern unsigned if_ipackets(netif_t netif);
extern void if_ipackets_set(netif_t netif, unsigned ipackets);
extern unsigned if_opackets(netif_t netif);
extern void if_opackets_set(netif_t netif, unsigned opackets);
extern unsigned if_oerrors(netif_t netif);
extern void if_oerrors_set(netif_t netif, unsigned oerrors);
extern unsigned if_ierrors(netif_t netif);
extern void if_ierrors_set(netif_t netif, unsigned ierrors);
extern unsigned if_collisions(netif_t netif);
extern void if_collisions_set(netif_t netif, unsigned collisions);
#endif /* KERNEL */
#endif /* _NETIF_ */