1999-07-03 14:46:37 +00:00

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Reimplemented syslog/syslogd.
Cleaned up <gno/kerntool.h>
vfprintf(3) wasn't quite right for printing values in the range
0.1<=x<1.0 (absolute).
Added routines: _reportStack(3) _printStack(3), syslogmt(3),
vsyslogmt(3), sprintmt(3), vsprintmt(3), readv(2),
24 March 1998: (Devin Reade, <>)
TAG: beta_980324
Object files are now kept in a different directory hierarchy for
the builds.
Fixes to:
utime (bad dates)
vfscanf (stack trashing)
vfprintf (errors with floats)
ecvt/fcvt (bad results)
strerror (faulty out-of-bounds check)
crypt routines have been split off to libcrypt
Added a rez fork to the library.
22 December 1997: (Devin Reade, <>)
TAG: beta_971222
Moved a bunch of optimization and other pragmas out of the source
files and into the makefiles.
Got the fts*() routines working.
Got popen/pclose (mostly) working.
Added _getStackBottom, rmdir, settimeofday, and regex routines.
Checked in various time routines. Not yet part of the build.
Changed the build procedure for stdio/vfprintf.c.
Added the "%b" specifier to the scanf() implementation. This is
currently disabled in printf() pending an ORCA/C bug fix.
Make use of dynamic GSStrings in various chapter 2 routines.
21 September 1997: (Devin Reade, <>)
Added man pages for:
rename(2), clearerr(3), ecvt(3), fclose(3), fflush(3), fgets(3),
fputs(3), fread(3), fseek(3), funopen(3), getc(3), isblank(3),
isinf(3), printf(3), putc(3), remove(3), scanf(3), setbuf(3),
stdio(3), ungetc(3), (plus .so links)
Modified fcntl(2) man page to mention limitations in current GNO
In the fcntl(2) stub, work around a kernel bug when getting flags
for char-special files. This affects fdopen(3).
Moved raise(3) implementation to ORCALib and ensured that backward
linking references are not made.
Fixed popen(3)/pclose(3) implementation. Added comment to man page
about occasional hanging problem that seems to be due to gsh(1).
Added implementation, man pages for getlogin(2), and setlogin(2).
Set the default optimization level to 78 from zero.
5 September 1997: (Devin Reade, <>)
- removed __ORCAC_VERSION macro from defaults.h
- new stdio.h (BSD based)
- new sane.h (from Soenke's lsaneglue)
- new math.h (from ORCA/C, but added _isnan() and _isinf()
functions, and isnan() and isinf() macros).
- added F_GETFL bit to sys/fcntl.h
- use BSD stdio implementation
- added Soenke's _isfpe(), _isnan() routines (stdlib)
- stdio now depends on lsaneglue
- added non-ORCA rename(2) implementation
- added sigprocmask(2)
- changed unlink(2) not to depend on remove(3) [was briefly
mutually recursive]
- added fcntl(2)
Since beta-970304: (Devin Reade, <>)
Added the following routines to the build:
- the fts*(3) family of routines
- fdopen(3) (doesn't appear to be working yet)
- fgetln(3) hack
- chmod(2)
- fchmod(2)
- the queue(3) family of macros
- psignal(3), with sys_signame, sys_siglist arrays
Use sys_nerr and sys_errlist from libc vice ORCALib by eliminating
the _gno_ prefix.
Changed NSIG in <sys/signal.h> to 32 vice 31; sys_siglist is a
character array from zero to 31, inclusive.
Added various library test programs.
Added in conchecks in sys/trap.asm, sys/trap.mac, sys/syscall.c
to ensure that the GNO kernel is indeed running and is at least
the minimum required for the call. This is currently disabled
(by changing the macro in sys/trap.mac and conditional compilation
in sys/syscall.c) due to performance concerns raised on the
gno-devel mailing list.
Added the ChangeLog file.