gdr-ftp 2c9b8b7381
- define REZ as "17/occ" versus "occ" so that dmake doesn't
	  have to search the PATH every time it calls $(REZ)
	- explicitly specify the output file for the default rule for
	  making *.r files.

	- This file is for inclusion by the various utility *.rez files
	  so that the build date can be displayed in a consistent format.
1998-02-14 23:56:40 +00:00

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* This file is used to specify the build date in a programs resource
* fork. It is used by #including it in the program *.rez file.
* $Id: builddate.rez,v 1.1 1998/02/14 23:56:39 gdr-ftp Exp $
#define BUILD_DATE "Build Date: " $$Date
Unfortunately, this mechanism doesn't seem to work. It gets zeros for the
month and hour fields:
$$Format("%d/%d/%d %d:%d",$$Year,$$Month,$$Day,$$Hour,$$Minute)