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.\" Devin Reade, January 1997
.\" $Id: intro.1,v 1.1 1997/02/27 07:32:10 gdr Exp $
.TH INTRO 1 "12 January 1997" GNO "Commands and Applications"
Intro \- Introduction the manual pages, commands and applications
These are the manual pages for GNO/ME v2.0.6, the multitasking UNIX-like
environment for the Apple IIgs. They are broken up into the following
chapters or sections:
1 Commands and Applications
2 System Calls
3 Library Routines
3F Fortran Routines
4 Devices
5 File Formats
6 Games
7 Miscellaneous
8 System Administration
Within each chapter, the manual pages are sorted alphabetically.
.BR 3F ,
.IR "Fortran Routines" ,
is not currently used, but that chapter is reserved for Fortran routines
(intrinsic and external).
This page is the introduction to Chapter 1,
.IR "Commands and Applications" .
It covers all external user commands. It specifically excludes shell built-in
commands, games, and programs intended for system administration.
For third party programs, it is the responsibility of the application
programmer to provide suitable manual pages.
Unless otherwise noted, commands described in the
section of a manual page accept options and other arguments
according to the following syntax and should be interpreted as explained
.sp 1
.BR name
[ \fB-option\fR [ \fIoptarg\fR ] ... ] [ \fIarg\fR ... ]
.sp 1
.IP \fBname\fR
is the name of the executable file.
.IP \fB-option\fR
is a single character option flag, almost always preceeded by a hyphen.
Programs which make use of the GNU
.BR getopt (3)
package may also use long options, which are multi-character options
preceeded by two hypens (such as
.BR --recursive .)
.IP \fIoptarg\fR
is the option argument, if required.
.IP \fIarg\fR
is a regular argument, if required.
.IP "[ ]"
Surround an
.BR option
.IR argument
that is optional.
.IP "..."
indicate multiple occurances of the preceeding symbol.
.I "GNO Shell User's Manual"