gdr-ftp 7d184b3391 Various changes to get getty compiling under GNO v2.0.6. In general
they are:
	- changed the makefile
	- prototyped functions
	- eliminated pathnames.h since all it does is #include <paths.h>
	- used gettytab.h for various function declarations
	- verified stack usage at 712 bytes
	- eliminated dummy gethostname() function.  Instead, get it
	  from libc.  This exposes a problem with gethostname.
	  See PR#59 for details.
	- eliminated a dependancy on strftime for the moment by
	  calling ctime() instead.
	- Added GNO-formatted versions of the man pages.
1998-04-10 16:18:06 +00:00

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Name: getty
Version: 2.1
Author: Maintained by Devin Reade
Where: /usr/sbin
Getty monitors serial lines and waits for users to log in, subsequently
passing control to login(1). It is not intended to be called by the