gdr-ftp 330e74b7e9 Makefile,,, newuser.desc, newuser.rez:
- initial checkin
	- updated installation notes
installit, newuserv.c:
	- deleted (obsolete)
	- renamed to newuser.8
newuser.c, newuser.8:
	- account home directories are now made in /home rather than /user
	- made all the routines internal to this file to be class 'static'
	- fit sources into GNO base distribution builds
	- added checks for parsing NEWID_FILE
	- added various conchecks to prevent buffer overflow and similar
	- ensure the password is at least MIN_PASSWD_LEN characters long
	- don't set the terminal type; that is the responsibility of
	- instead of creating explicit files in the user's home directory,
	  copy every file that is in the SKELETONS directory.
	- account creation is now logged via syslogd
	- added -g flag for selecting non-default group ids
	- check to ensure that the new uid returned by get_next_uid is
	  not already in use; if it is, then log a warning via syslog,
	  skip it, and get another uid
1999-02-15 00:22:11 +00:00

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# 0
# 1 The first column is the "real" program; the second is what _should_
# 2 be the symlink, but for now is a copy.
# 3 All paths should be relative to the root directory. This list
# 4 should be kept sorted.
# 5
# 6 $Id:,v 1.1 1999/02/15 00:22:10 gdr-ftp Exp $
# 7
usr/sbin/newuser usr/sbin/newuserv