gdr-ftp 330e74b7e9 Makefile,,, newuser.desc, newuser.rez:
- initial checkin
	- updated installation notes
installit, newuserv.c:
	- deleted (obsolete)
	- renamed to newuser.8
newuser.c, newuser.8:
	- account home directories are now made in /home rather than /user
	- made all the routines internal to this file to be class 'static'
	- fit sources into GNO base distribution builds
	- added checks for parsing NEWID_FILE
	- added various conchecks to prevent buffer overflow and similar
	- ensure the password is at least MIN_PASSWD_LEN characters long
	- don't set the terminal type; that is the responsibility of
	- instead of creating explicit files in the user's home directory,
	  copy every file that is in the SKELETONS directory.
	- account creation is now logged via syslogd
	- added -g flag for selecting non-default group ids
	- check to ensure that the new uid returned by get_next_uid is
	  not already in use; if it is, then log a warning via syslog,
	  skip it, and get another uid
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.TH NEWUSER 8 "14 February 1999" GNO "System Administration"
.BR newuser ,
.BR newuserv
\- add a new user to the system
.BR newuser
.BR -v
] [
.B -g
.I gid
.BR newuserv
.BR -v
] [
.B -g
.I gid
This manual page documents
.B newuser
.B newuserv
version 1.2 for GNO. Its basic intent is
to let people add themselves to the system without requiring the system
administrator to do it all manually.
.B newuser
will ask for a real name, account name, terminal type and password (verifying
the password once) and then create the directory \fB/home/\fIaccount_name\fR.
.BR newuser
will also copy all the regular files from the
.BR /var/adm/newuser/skel
directory into the \fB/home/\fIaccount_name\fR directory.
It will not recurse.
Finally, it will add the appropriate entry to
.B /etc/passwd
and then exit.
If the
.B -v
(verify) flag is selected, or if invoked as
.BR newuserv ,
everything is done as normal, except that the new entry is appended to
.B /var/adm/newuser/pending
instead of being appended to
.BR /etc/passwd .
Accounts are normally created with group ID 100. The
.B -g
flag overrides this group ID.
.BR newuser
.BR newuserv
will log created accounts via
.BR syslogd (8)
using the facility.
.B newuser
will time out after 60 seconds of operation.
.IP \fB/home\fR
The directory where new user home directories will be placed.
.IP \fB/var/adm/newuser/newid\fR
The text file containing the next available user ID. It must consist
of exactly one line, containing only a decimal number.
.BR newuser
will update this file as required.
.IP \fB/var/adm/newuser/pending\fR
This file contains all of the
.BR /etc/passwd
entries that are waiting for approval before activation.
.IP \fB/var/adm/newuser/skel\fR
All regular files in this directory will be copied to the newly created
home directory.
.BR newuser
should create a lock file in
.BR /var/locks
to ensure that a race condition with multiple instantiations is avoided.
They are currently possible.
James Brookes. Maintained by Devin Reade.