gdr 0df1477cf9 Before moving to git, checked in a bunch of apparent work-in-progress
files that have been sitting idle for a few years.  Unfortunately
I can't gaurantee at the moment that these even compile let alone build.
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# gno/
# Top-level configuration for building GNO and making a release. This
# file is used to specify the various path names used by the build/release
# process. It need not be shipped with a binaries-only GNO distribution.
# Devin Reade, 1997
# $Id:,v 1.12 2012/08/26 02:54:58 gdr Exp $
# This one isn't really a path, but it affects the creation of path
# names. If PRODOS_OBJS is set to "true" (minus the quotes), then the
# created object files will follow ProDOS naming conventions.
# Define APPLESHARE_CASE_SENSITIVE if your source exists on an Appleshare-
# served partition where the underlying filesystem is case sensitive.
# This is necessary due to the rez compiler forcing all filenames to upper
# case rather than using them as is.
# This is necessary (for example) for CAP and Netatalk served volumes
# where the underlying fs is ufs, or e2fs, but is not required for MACOS
# servers where the underlying fs is HFS. Defining this macro when it is
# not needed doesn't break anything, it just makes your compilations a bit
# slower due to an extra file copy.
# If you're setting it here and also building any of libc, ORCALib, SysFloat,
# or SysFPEFloat, you will also want to set it in:
# ../lib/orcalibs/Source/
# To turn this off, completely comment it out; don't just change the value.
# SRC_DIR is the top-level GNO source distribution directory (containing
# $(SRC_DIR)/gno, $(SRC_DIR)/gno/lib, and so forth). It also corresponds
# to the top level of the CVS repository.
# I recommend using /src and defining it in /etc/namespace.
# OBJ_DIR can be used to store the resulting object and binary files on
# a separate partition from the source. This is very handy when the
# source is stored on an AppleShare volume. If you don't need this
# feature, just define /obj in /etc/namespace to be the same as /src.
# It is not sufficient to merely change the definition of OBJ_DIR below,
# because various files in the builds assume that the /obj hierarchy
# exists.
SRC_DIR = /src
CWD = $(PWD:s,:,/,g)
OBJ_DIR = /obj$(CWD:s,${SRC_DIR},,)
.SOURCE.root : $(OBJ_DIR)
# RELEASE_DIR is the directory into which we will put the created
# distribution files.
# I recommend using /dist and defining it in /etc/namespace.
# ORCA_DIST is the directory containing the standard Orca distribution.
# It shouldn't contain any GNO-isms.
ORCA_DIST = /lang/orca
# ORCA_SRC is the directory containing the sources to the ORCA libraries
# This is (and should only be) used when building libc. We do this kludge
# to avoid backward references during linking.
ORCA_SRC = /src/lib/orcalibs/Source
# Paths to various programs
CATREZ = /usr/bin/catrez
INSTALL = /usr/bin/install
# Temporary directory needed in some weird cases.
.IF $(TMPDIR) == $(NULL)