gdr 37a13feeb9 [Changes submitted by Derek Taubert.],
	The $(MAIN) macro is now the basename of the file containing
	the main() function, and therefore the only .root file that
	should exist is $(MAIN).root.  If MAIN is not set in the lower
	level makefiles, it defaults to $(PROG).
	ORCA_DIST has changed from /orca-native to /lang/orca.
1997-11-01 19:10:37 +00:00

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# gno/
# Top-level configuration for building GNO and making a release. This
# file is used to specify the various path names used by the build/release
# process. It need not be shipped with a binaries-only GNO distribution.
# Devin Reade, 1997
# $Id:,v 1.3 1997/11/01 19:10:37 gdr Exp $
# SRC_DIR is the top-level GNO source distribution directory (containing
# $(SRC_DIR)/gno, $(SRC_DIR)/gno/lib, and so forth). It also corresponds
# to the top level of the CVS repository.
# I recommend using /src and defining it in /etc/namespace.
SRC_DIR = /src
# RELEASE_DIR is the directory into which we will put the created
# distribution files.
# I recommend using /dist and defining it in /etc/namespace.
# ORCA_DIST is the directory containing the standard Orca distribution.
# It shouldn't contain any GNO-isms.
ORCA_DIST = /lang/orca
# ORCA_SRC is the directory containing the sources to the ORCA libraries
# This is (and should only be) used when building libc. We do this kludge
# to avoid backward references during linking.
ORCA_SRC = /src/lib/orcalibs/Source
# INCLUDE_GNO is the directory containing only the header files (and subdirs
# containing header files) that will be shipped with GNO. Normally, this
# should be $(SRC_DIR)/gno/include
INCLUDE_GNO = $(SRC_DIR)/gno/include
# INCLUDE_ORCA is the directory containing the completely unmodified Orca/C
# header files. (The current version is v2.1.1b2.) If a file in here
# requires modifications, it should be copied into $(INCLUDE_GNO) and edited
# there. Presumably, INCLUDE_ORCA is $(ORCA_DIST)/libraries/orcacdefs.
INCLUDE_ORCA = $(ORCA_DIST)/libraries/orcacdefs
# INCLUDE_GNO_ALT is a directory residing on an HFS volume. It is used for
# those header files which have ProDOS-incompatible file names. These
# headers are actually "links" to the "real" headers, which reside in the
# $(INCLUDE_GNO) hierarchy.
# I recommend using /HFS-src/HFSinclude and defining /HFS-src in /etc/namespace.
# These are the directories that will wind up becoming the distributions
# disks. We want to be able to ship on floppy, although the preferred
# method will be via ftp.
DISK1 = $(DISKS)/gno.disk1
DISK2 = $(DISKS)/gno.disk2
DISK3 = $(DISKS)/gno.disk3