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- Allow for rez source to be on Appleshare volumes.  Kludge is
	  not enabled by default (see
1998-12-31 21:26:34 +00:00

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# Standard compilation rules for utilities (directories ./bin, ./sbin,
# ./usr.bin, ./usr.sbin). These are not used when building the libraries.
# $Id:,v 1.8 1998/12/31 21:26:34 gdr-ftp Exp $
# Devin Reade, Dave Tribby, 1997.
# Default target, "build," generates the program file
# create the object directory hierarchy if necessary
# Create the main program file with a ".root" and set the stack size.
# Include standard occ options
# -a0: use .o suffix for object file
# -c: don't link after compiling
$(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS:s/ -r / /) -a0 -c $(MAINSRC)
# Program depends upon all the objects. Add the version resource.
$(CC) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $< $(LDLIBS)
$(CATREZ) -d $@ $(OBJ_DIR)$(PROG).r
$(OBJ_DIR)$(PROG): $(PROG).r
# Remove intermediate files. If we don't put shell meta characters in
# here, then dmake doesn't have to start up a subshell and can instead
# exec the line directly
-$(RM) -f $(OBJ_DIR){$(OBJS)}
-$(RM) -f $(OBJ_DIR)$(MAIN).root
-$(RM) -f $(OBJ_DIR)$(PROG).r
-$(RM) -f $(PROG).rej
# Remove intermediate files and program file
clobber: clean
-$(RM) $(OBJ_DIR)$(PROG)
# Implicit rule to handle Rez source on case sensitive Appleshare servers
%.r : %.rez
$(INSTALL) $< $(TMPDIR)/$<
$(REZ) -o $@ -c $(REZFLAGS) $(TMPDIR)/$<
$(RM) -f $(TMPDIR)/$<
# Implicit rule to handle ProDOS-renamed object files
%.o: %.O;
%.O .PRECIOUS : $$(@:b:s/./_/g).c
$(CC) -o $(OBJ_DIR)$*.o $(CFLAGS) -c $<